As one of the main global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in the Power Generation industry, Ansaldo Energia has enhanced its OEM and non-OEM portfolio to offer to the markets more solutions for optimizing energy assets and minimizing their environmental impact.
In partnership with Ansaldo Thomassen and  Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf, Ansaldo Energia is enhancing its role in the service industry as  Original Service Provider (OSP™). Put simply, this means taking over 150 years of distinguished  OEM experience, technology and portfolio and bringing all together in a broader context. In practice, it’s about building stronger and more global teams, driven by a relentless passion to serve the energy industry across a broad range of power generation equipment.

The OSP™ approach flourishes by leveraging the OEM knowledge of Ansaldo Energia with the strengths of Ansaldo Thomassen and Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf - flexible strategies, swift structures and highly specialized competencies - to exceed the most demanding Clients’ expectations.
Integrated engineering talents and a shared sales organization work as an one-source solution provider for gas turbines, steam turbines and generator equipment based on all leading technologies.
Through the constant growth of a strengthened portfolio encompassing Field Service, Repairs, Parts, Innovative Upgrades and Long Term Service Agreements, Ansaldo Energia is advancing its mission to become a one-stop shop for services in the power generation industry.
Our technological capabilities are available through Competence Centers around the globe.
Being present in all major areas, OSP™ offers a swift response focused on local situations with the quality that can be expected from our OEM experience.
This is ensured by a growing number of dedicated repair centers based in Italy, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates and together with a worldwide commercial network and skilled field teams currently based in Algeria, Morocco, India and Indonesia.

OSPTM Service Portfolio


Ansaldo Energia, Ansaldo Thomassen and Ansaldo Thomassen Gulfmerge their technological experience and expertise into the OSP™ Service portfolio, providing a full spectrum of solutions to serve all Client needs. In close cooperation
with our Customers, the OSP™ Service portfolio is constantly being evolved by a dedicated OSP™ product development platform, built from mixed teams of specialist engineers from Ansaldo Energia, Ansaldo Thomassen and Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf .
The services we offer for Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines and Generators are:

  •  Field Services:  on site inspections, engineering consultancy, tools & relocations
  • Repairs: life-time assessment, refurbishment and re-manufacturing
  • Spare Parts: capital parts from own production and 2nd hand
  • Upgrades: conversions, modifications and retrofit of machines & control systems
  • Service Agreements: flexibly build around Customer’s desires
  • Training: standard training courses and specific customer education from our specialists

Ansaldo Energia

Thanks to its rich history and solid position in the Energy market, Ansaldo Energia acts as driver with its forward looking vision. By transferring its vast experience to Ansaldo Thomassen, the company provides the foundations for the growth and development of its daughter companies company which are is leading the OSP™ strategy towards the global service market.
Ansaldo Energia has the key responsibility for upgrades of steam turbines and generators, drawing on extensive and distinguished experience  in conversion, modification and retrofit solutions.

Ansaldo Thomassen

With over a century of experience working on all aspects of heavy-duty gas turbine technology, Ansaldo Thomassen continues to meet the demand for clean, efficient and reliable power in an environmentally responsible manner. Within OSP, Ansaldo Thomassen lever ges its expertise as a leading specialist on GE heavy-duty gas turbines by providing flexible service solutions that optimize unit availability, minimize maintenance and component costs, and increase operating safety.


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Ansaldo ThoMassen Gulf

Located in Abu Dhabi, Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf offers an innovative state of the art facility inaugurated in 2010. It is the only repair center in the Middle East capable of offering inn-house refurbishment of GE Gas Turbine Buckets and Hot Gas Path components and Ansaldo Energia / Siemens gas turbine rotating and stationary blades.




PSM (Power Systems Mfg., LLC.), provides technologically advanced aftermarket gas turbine components, parts reconditioning services and Long Term Agreements (LTAs) to the worldwide power generation industry.

PSM's product line includes stator & rotor compressor components, low-emission combustion systems, stationary & rotating turbine airfoils and other capital parts for GE Frame 6B, 7E/EA, 9E and 7FA machines, the Siemens/Westinghouse 501F (SGT6-5000F) engine and the Mitsubishi 501F engine.

PSM's full scope of parts reconditioning services incorporate our advanced engineering expertise with the latest technology to provide reliable, long-lasting repairs. Our LTA offerings are flexibly structured to meet the specific needs of each customer and improve the life cycle costs of their assets.

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