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Ansaldo Energia and FATA awarded contracts in South Africa worth about EUR 440 million

A consortium led by GDF Suez has awarded Ansaldo Energia, a company jointly controlled by Finmeccanica and First Reserve Corporation, and FATA, a leading designer and builder of industrial plants, the contract for the turnkey construction of two open cycle electricity generation plants in South Africa. The plants will be used to help meet the Country’s energy needs during periods of peak power demand from the national grid. The order is worth a total of about EUR 440 million.

In about two years’ time the Avon plant will generate 670 MW of power in the Durban area, whereas the Dedisa plant will provide about 335 MW of energy to the Port Elizabeth area.

Ansaldo Energia will supply six AE94.2 gas turbines (four for the Avon plant and two for the Dedisa plant), complete with the relative generators and auxiliary systems. Ansaldo Energia will also supply the civil works for both sites, in addition to transport, erection and commissioning work for its share of the supply, worth a total of about EUR 280 million.

FATA will supply mechanical and electric plant worth a total of EUR 160 million in the framework of the overall order, working through the EPC Power division and South African Branch of the company. The contract also covers the construction of the substation and the interface with the electric grid, fuel storage and distribution, and water treatment. There has been a special focus on respect for the environment and sustainability, which are both extremely important issues in South Africa.


Finmeccanica Press Release (english version)
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