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ILVA and Ansaldo Energia sign an agreement to maintain production and investments in Genoa


ILVA and Ansaldo Energia sign an agreement to maintain production and investments in Genoa


Ansaldo Energia is to build a gas turbine facility, while ILVA will provide Ansaldo with skilled resources for loading and unloading operations in the port.


Milan, 19 February 2016 - ILVA S.p.A. in Amministrazione Straordinaria and Ansaldo Energia have entered a framework agreement under which Ansaldo Energia will be granted exclusive rights to use ILVA land outside the Cornigliano plant.


The land covered by the agreement includes the area currently used as a car park for ILVA plant personnel and an area adjacent to the wharves on the river Polcevera side that ILVA uses under concession from the Genoa Port Authority.


The agreement between the two companies is designed to develop the aforementioned industrial area and enables Ansaldo Energia to maintain its investment plan in Genoa and build a facility for assembling gas turbines made in its Genova Campi plant.


Under a services contract, ILVA will provide skilled labour for Ansaldo Energia’s loading and unloading operations in the docks from which it will ship its turbines.


The agreement also provides for the construction, under the direction and at the expense of Ansaldo Energia, of two road links, one between the new facility and the wharf involved in the investment project and the other between the facility and the new public road system to be built by the City of Genoa.


In the next few days Ansaldo Energia will initiate inspections, geological and environmental surveys and other activities for the purpose of obtaining planning permission, licences, certifications and authorizations required for the construction of the facility and subsequent start up of industrial operations.


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