AE 94.2

The gas turbine for a flexible approach


Flexible, efficient and fast

The AE94.2 gas turbine is a benchmark for both operational and fuel flexibility. It is designed to manage nonconventional fuels (naphtha,
crude and heavy fuel oil, low BTU gases, hydrogen rich fuels, coal gases, dwell gases, etc.). The AE94.2 is also fast, reaching baseload condition in less than 15 minutes and with a fast load ramp that makes it suitable for grid support as well.


The special AE94.2K version
The special AE94.2K version is tailor made for low BTU fuels and high H2 content gas (syngas, steel mill and blast furnace gases, biomass, etc.). The rugged AE94.2K turbine can burn fuels with LHV in the range 8-13 MJ/kg and lower.


Environmental sustainable
The Minimum Environmental Load has been reduced keeping NOx and CO emissions well below current
legal limits. The AdLowNox burner achieves NOx emissions levels lower than 30 mg/Nm3.


Smart maintenance approach
Extended 41,000-hour combustion and hot gas path inspection intervals. Easy maintenance features (blades and vanes replaceable
with rotor in place, hot gas path inspection without opening the turbine).
Customized service agreements allow customers to choose the best solution to fit their needs. Ansaldo Energia offers a full and flexible range of service solutions, from Transactional Services through to Operation & Maintenance contracts.


Well proven technology
Since 1993, Ansaldo Energia has awarded more than 110 units of AE94.2, with a capacity of over 18 GW.
Continuous product improvement, combined with consolidated reliability and robustness, have driven an increase in power output and efficiency values. 


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