Long Term Service Agreements (LTSA)


Maintenance Strategies have moved from a concept of preservation and protection to that of asset management and optimization.
Due to the constant challenges of the Power Market, they are becoming even more a key factor of success for Power Producers. With this respect, Power Producers need to adopt carefully personalised Global Maintenance Strategies covering the entire lifecycle of the power plant. The objective of this approach is multiple:

  •  control operational costs
  • guarantee reliability
  • optimize profitability
  • ensure continual technology updates
  • secure environmental compatibility


Ansaldo Energia is an integral part of these changes, playing an active role by offering advanced service solutions.
Thanks to its wide experience in tailoring Services to each individual Client, Ansaldo Energia is able to offer a large range of effective Long Term Agreements that can deeply satisfy the different needs of clients, geographical presence and business requirements.

Long Term Service Agreements (LTSA) typically features:


  • Revenue/risk sharing
  • Power train availability guarantee
  • Power train performance restoration
  • Parts life & inventory management


Ansaldo Energia’s LTSAs are comprehensive service contracts under which output, efficiency, technology upgrades and availability are guaranteed throughout the duration of the agreement. These contracts allow the Power Generators to better manage and optimise their assets.
Ansaldo Energia long term agreements support the Industry to achieve these goals:

  •  Maximize efficiency and quality
  • Increase reliability and availability
  • Optimize cost of operation
  • Reduce inventory level
  • Tailor maintenance policy
  • Stay tuned on technology updates
  • Meet the most demanding environmental regulations


The Client’s return of investment of an LTSA contract is guaranteed by Ansaldo Energia constant reliability to provide state-of-the-art technologies, skilled permanent monitoring and swift best-inclass expertise.
This allows to:

  •  Anticipate technical issues
  • Optimize scheduled and unscheduled interventions and inspections
  • Optimize spare parts management
  • Supply, install and commission upgrades
  • Maintain and operate day-by-day

 Long Terms Service Agreements references:


  • 28.9 GW under LTSA
  • 20 Countries
  • 37 Customers
  • 266 Machines (98 Gas Turbines)


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