Thanks to Ansaldo Energia Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics Center your valuable machinery is monitored constantly by our experts, with daily checks, automatic alarm notifications and broadband monitoring tools.

Our RM&D team has many options to keep your power plant’s conditions under control. Our team of experts is available to help you make the right decision quickly in the case of any unexpected events or accidental trips and also, of course, to answer any questions you may have regarding the machinery, its operation and its maintenance.

If advanced support is needed, our team is in close contact with the Ansaldo Energia RM&D and engineering departments, offering the benefits of all our design experience. You can take advantage of short power plant stops to carry out unplanned repairs or introduce minor upgrades and improvements. When the time comes for major work, our RM&D team will join your engineers to tailor the scope of work to the actual conditions of your machinery, using the tracking left by your equipment in  our Problem Report Database and Periodical Reporting.

Plant instrumentation and supervision is not always detailed enough to allow the most effective troubleshooting and root cause analysis, preventing major damages or anticipating degradation trends. Often a thorough analysis of recent and historical
data is needed.
Through the years, Ansaldo Energia has developed a suite of diagnostic tools covering all the critical diagnostic needs for your machinery, including:

  •  Steam and gas turbine performance monitoring
  • Gas turbine combustion monitoring
  • Vibration analysis
  • Generator diagnostics
  • Electrical transient
  • Fast event recorder



ADA™ Advanced Diagnostic Analysis is the Ansaldo Energia suite for condition-based maintenance.
Based on its modular design, ADA™ allows for avanced monitoring of main equipment parameters like steam and gas turbine performances, gas turbine combustion, machinery vibrations, generator diagnostic, electrical transiente and others. Computing modules, automatic report generation, alarms notification, large data storage capabilities are some of the key features of this state of the art product in the field of remote monitoring and diagnostic.

Unplanned outages can affect your business. When you’re facing those tough situations and must make crucial decisions, the operation support team can immediately help to perform an engineering analysis. Through Remote Monitoring, all the relevant data are readily available to our experts who, in many cases, can understand quickly the situation and give helpful indications to solve the matter. If additional on-site support is needed we can provide at short notice skilled engineers who can assist you directly and act as a link with our Operation Support Team.

In the framework of Long-Term Service Agreements, the RM&D and Operation Support options make the  partnership between Ansaldo Energia and Clients even stronger.
Main advantages of Remote Diagnostic and Operation Support are:

  •  Constant monitoring of your equipment
  • Reduction of unscheduled outages
  • On condition maintenance, tailored on specific requirements
  • Spare parts management support
  • Decision support for unexpected trips or events
  • Quick response time for site engineering support
  • Engineering support for troubleshooting 


Remote monitoring reference:



  • 17,000  MW under R&M contracts
  • 19 Clients

  • 11 Countries


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