As a global Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the Power Generation industry, Ansaldo Energia has designed and manufactured more than 2,000 heavy duty gas turbines, steam turbines, turbogenerators and hydrogenerators. In addition to designing and manufacturing the above components, Ansaldo Energia has extensively been servicing and maintaining its fleet, thus acquiring an exceptional first-hand practice on the operational performances of its fleet.

Thanks to such a strong and consolidated experience, Ansaldo Energia has developed different Solutions in order to increase performance, extend and/or improve the plant operational life, comply with the new environmental standards and get the benefits of a virtually new turbine without the drawbacks of high investments, technical risks and long realization times.

Performance maximization

Improvements and upgrades have followed an evolutionary path, based on step-by-step design changes while keeping proven
features and technologies. They are typically based on positive field experience and feedback showing additional potential for higher loading of components or utilizing already built-in design margins.

Upgrades can also provide additional technological improvements based on more recent, yet validated and tested, technologies and materials.

Cost & Risk Reduction

Increased performance and reliability directly influence revenues by improving the plant operational life. Cost reduction is one of the major drivers for every company - this is also the case with power plants.

Emissions reduction


Stricter emissions legislation over the past 15 years and serious environmental issues make reduction of emission levels a major concern of the whole industry. Simple replacement of the conventional combustion systems will extremely reduce both CO (carbon monoxide) and NOx (nitrogen oxides) levels.

Maintenance & Operations Optimization

 Ansaldo Energia provides Clients with specialist engineering know-how by offering a full package of operations & maintenance services.



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