Ansaldo Energia dedicates Repair activities to such components that can be recovered to their fullest efficiency at much lower costs than the brand new components.
While normally performing the vast majority of repairs at the Client’s site, Ansaldo Energia can also perform all necessary repairing and/or improving activities in its workshops. Workshops are already available in Italy (co-located with the Rotating Components factory), the Netherlands  and Abu Dhabi.
Ansaldo Energia’s workshops can carry out a wide spectrum of repairing tasks ranging from stellite coating of steam turbine valves and blades, to the metal coating of bearings, to the disassembly, control and reassembly of large gas turbine rotors, up to the refurbishment of turbogenerator rotor/stator copper windings.

Additionally Ansaldo Energia strengthens its own on-site capabilities such as:

  •  Machining repairs
  • Balancing and alignment assessment, inspections, NDT
  • Generators repairs and re-winds
  • Weld repairs
  • Supervision and commissioning for steam and gas turbines, generators and power plant auxiliary equipment.

Ansaldo Energia is also able to provide on-site Field Service and Repairs activities with the following portable equipment:

  •  Lathe
  • Vertical turning lathe
  • Line boring
  • Horizontal boring & milling
  • Modules for combination
  • Large reservoir of general tools

As well as on brand new components, Ansaldo Energia provides a full mechanics and operating warranty on the repaired components.
Furthermore, in 2010 Ansaldo Energia inaugurated the new AnsaldoThomassen Gulf workshop, located in Abu Dhabi. This innovative state of the art facility is the only repair center in the Middle East capable of offering in-house refurbishment of GE Gas Turbine Buckets and Hot Gas Path  components and Ansaldo Energia / Siemens gas turbine rotating and stationary blades.

The refurbishment process

 A pivotal activity in the repair field, the repair and refurbishment of gas turbine hot blades requires extremely advanced technologies. Ansaldo Energia has an extensive and proven experience in such activities:

  • Assessment-Inspection
  • Stripping
  • Repair (Light, Medium or Heavy Repair)
  • Coating


Repairs references in the last ten years:


  • Refurbishment and refill of about 52,000 blades


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