Latest technology Spare Parts complete the global service offering of Ansaldo Energia for the whole maintenance of power plants.
Fast supply chain, flexible stock management, e-catalogues and most up-to-date engineering are the key elements that differentiate Ansaldo Energia’s Spare Parts management.
Based on its very diverse OEM record and its extensive experience in the Service and Maintnance of its own and third parties’ fleets, Ansaldo Energia manufactures and continually develops capital parts and all other spares for gas turbines, steam turbines, turbogenerators and hydrogenerators.
Ansaldo Energia is committed to satisfying the most demanding customer requirements in terms of efficiency, reliability, availability, environmental impact and lifecycle costs.

Its OEM Spare Parts portfolio reflects such a mission:

  •  Original capital and non capital spare parts
  • Improved/upgraded components
  • Improved/upgraded materials
  • Upgraded spare parts interchangeable with the original ones
  • Enhanced last stage blades
  • Bearings
  • Seals
  • High temperature bolts
  • Statoric bars
  • Retaining rings with upgraded materials
  • Original and upgraded auxiliaries to meet latest regulations
  • Excitation systems


To date, Ansaldo Energia’s spare part database manages more than 320 catalogues, for a total of about 586,000 items. The database concept also allows to follow each spare part’s path, its availability, the exact location and the replacement necessity.


 In order to improve its market presence and ease its relation with its Customers, Ansaldo Energia offers an e-Catalogue that facilitates and simplifies the ordering, stock and supply of Spare Parts.
By making available the equipment list and the database access through an extranet interface, Ansaldo Energia allows its Customers to retrieve in a controlled manner their plant Spare Parts, identify uniquely their spares and the corresponding delivery time, and communicate on-line with Ansaldo Energia up to finalise the purchase transaction.

Pooling of Spare Parts 


With an increasing number of units under service contract, Ansaldo Energia takes the responsibility of keeping track of the hundreds of parts in each unit, thus providing the Power Producer with the opportunity to share parts among a larger fleet.
Considering the high economic value of spare parts, stock management becomes a significant factor in the life cycle cost of a power plant.
A sound stock management system, taking full advantage of pooling concepts, is available to Ansaldo Energia’s Customers and can be adapted to best fit their O&M structure and strategy.
Ansaldo Energia adopted advanced statistical software tools which allow optimisation of pooling across a large customer base.


Spare parts references:

In the last three years yearly average of 100,000 spare parts orders-


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