Profiting from more than 150 years of history and a consolidated experience in the power generation industry, Ansaldo Energia training courses are a well-proven solution for enhancing the technical competence and skills of utilities, Independent Power Producers and those new businesses recently entering the Energy Industry (e.g. Steel Factories).
Standard training courses are held periodically at Ansaldo Energia learning centre, created on purpose in 1993, and span across the various technology of the Industry: conventional power plants, combined cycles, open cycles, gas turbines, steam turbines, turbogenerators, hydrogenerators, and the associated equipment and control systems.

Special tailored courses can be organised at the learning centre or abroad, at the customer’s site or in cooperation with local institutions.

Training programmes 


Courses are organised in learning units, ranging from basic to advanced modules, prepared with the assistance of Ansaldo Energia engineering, erection & commissioning and service teams.
The programmes also benefit from interactive access to Ansaldo Energia factory, service workshop, control room, nearby power plants, and allow hands-on practice with design systems, diagnostic, simulation and remote control systems.
Finally, the Ansaldo Energia school offers the unique opportunity to train and practice on the power plant simulator: a tool replicating in an extremely realistic way the behaviour of an authentic power plant while being operated.

Programmes include  (at various degrees of depth and technology):

  •  General introduction to power generation technologies
  • Combined cycle overview
  • Gas turbines
  • Steam turbines
  • Heat recovery steam generators
  • Turbo generators
  • Hydro generators
  • Gas turbine major components
  • Steam turbine major components
  • Turbogenerator major components
  • Hydrogenerator major components
  • Auxiliary systems
  • Safety and health
  • Operation
  • Thermal cycle
  • Gas turbine maintenance
  • Steam turbine maintenance
  • Turbogenerator maintenance
  • Static start-up & excitation systems
  • Control system
  • Monitoring system


In case of training at client’s site, classroom lectures and visual presentations are combined with practical coaching near the machinery, giving the trainees a unique opportunity to apply the theoretical instruction to their own machines.

Target Audience

  • New recruits
  • Management
  • O&M staff
  • Plant engineers
  • Shift supervisors
  • Control room operators
  • Equipment operators
  • I&C technicians


Ansaldo Energia provides also for the production and editing of training course material, books and technical documents.



Instructors are full-time professionals with long experience in all aspects of operation, maintenance, control technologies and service for power plants. Special, monographic sessions involve University professors and Ansaldo Energia managers.
The standard language is English but in case of different requests, the courses may be organised in any language with qualified technical interpreters.




In the las five years:

  • more than 2,800 days of training
  • more than 2,700 trainees
  • about 400,000 hours of training


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