Steam Turbines for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plants


Generation of electrical energy from sun power  shows a great potential in the field of renewable resources. Today, two major technologies are available, photovoltaic (PV) and concentrated solar power (CSP).

CSP plant concept

While PV technology produces electricity directly from any ambient light, CSP technology uses mirrors to concentrate solar radiation into a receiver, where a transfer medium absorbs the heat and utilizes it in a heat exchanger to generate steam or a conventional regenerative water-steam cycle, which feeds a turbine to generate electricity. Various alternative CSP technologies (Central Tower, Parabolic Trough, Linear Fresnel) are available to produce live steam with different parameters, from saturated to the highest superheated steam conditions.
CSP plants with an integrated thermal storage system like molten salt allow higher utilization of the power block, even in absence of sun, and with the possibility of producing electricity on demand.

Ansaldo Energia solutions for CSP plants

Ansaldo Energia, with more than a century of experience in power generation, has supplied about 700 steam turbines worldwide with a total capacity of nearly 100 GW.
In the 1980s Ansaldo Energia supplied a 1.5 MW steam turbine for the Eurelios demonstration solar plant at Adrano (Sicily, Italy).
For CSP plants, Ansaldo Energia can provide not only the steam turbine-generator set, but the complete power block, including civil, mechanical, electrical and automation design engineering and the supply, installation and commissioning of all equipment for the water-steam cycle.
Moreover Ansaldo Energia solar steam turbines can be used for Integrated Solar Combined cycles (ISCC), where a solar field is fully integrated in a combined cycle plant to reduce its emissions.

Steam Turbines

 Ansaldo Energia has a comprehensive portfolio of 50 Hz and 60 Hz non-reheat and reheat steam turbines up to 250 MW for
CSP plants of different types and capacities.

The turbines are based on the same, proven design used for combined cycle applications, adapted for both the introduction of the regenerative steam cycle and the specific operational flexibility requirements of CSP plants.

Steam Turbines Main features

  •  High efficiency 3D reaction blading (impulse on small ST)
  • Applicable to reheat and non-reheat cycles
  • Full arc and partial arc admission for the bestefficiency over a wide steam flow range
  • Applicable to air and water-cooled condensers
  • Designed for daily rapid start-up and shut-down times
  • Axial and side exhaust arrangement to minimize civil works
  • Compact direct drive steam turbine-generator set
  • Material selection and construction for different CSP technologies


 For CSP plants, Ansaldo Energia offers air-cooled generators of modular and compact design, class F insulation system, with a range of application up to 400 MVA.


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