Ansaldo Energia Turbogenerators


Designed around Reliability

Ansaldo Energia has focused on turbogenerators since the early 1920s when the company began air cooled turbine generator production. Since 1950 about 500 air cooled units in the 10-330 MVA range have left the company’s Genoa production facility for installation worldwide.

Ansaldo Energia has also gained extensive experience in the design and construction of hydrogen and hydrogenwater cooled turbogenerators since the 1950s, manufacturing more than 200 units in the 40-1220 MVA range.
The total installed capacity of these 700 turbogenerators manufactured by Ansaldo Energia amounts to over 100,000 MVA.

Ansaldo Energia turbogenerators can be installed in various types of application including:

  • combined cycle power plants
  • steam power plants
  • geothermal power plants
  • nuclear power plants
  • rotating synchronous compensators

The Ansaldo Energia turbogenerator product is continuously upgraded and enhanced by a dedicated R&D organization, exploiting extensive operating experience. The increased power boundary for the specific type of cooling, more flexible operating capabilities and excellent reliability are the result of Ansaldo Energia R&D efforts.
Ansaldo Energia portfolio is based on turbogenerators which are standardized in terms of power output range, type of coupled turbine and installation. The “make-to-stock” production system for the main generator body results in reduced time to delivery for both complete units and spare parts.
Ansaldo Energia turbogenerators combine proven design, manufacturing and commissioning skills with the Company’s well known flexibility in matching Clients needs with tailored solutions and customizations.
Moreover, CAD/CAM technology is applied extensively in the design and manufacturing process to improve flexibility in satisfying Clients requirements and to reduce workshop manufacturing time.


A Proven Design 


All generators are designed by Ansaldo Energia, exploiting the experience gained working on these proven standard components.
Generators are designed in compliance with IEC 60034-1, IEC 60034-3 and IEEE C50.13.
The design takes account of requirements for both continuous and flexible operation, such as daily start up, in a reliable way.
Turbogenerators design assures safer operation also in the worst conditions:

  • fault support, e.g. sudden short circuits without damage
  • compliance with regional seismic regulations

Ansaldo Energia turbogenerators can be coupled to steam and/or gas turbines with or without gearing.
Product oriented R&D guarantees constant, gradual evolution for both sub-components and unit performance, in line with Client needs. For example, in the last decade the Resin Rich class F 4675 insulation system has been upgraded to deliver higher thermal conductivity.

High Quality Manufacturing

Raw materials are purchased from qualified suppliers and machined in Ansaldo Energia. Both main component manufacturing and final turbogenerator assembly are carried out in Genoa factory, where modern manufacturing facilities permit high technology operation plans.
Checks during the different assembly steps are registered and certified in the framework of an efficient Quality Managing System.

A rigorous Test Program

All Ansaldo Energia turbogenerators are subjected to a standard program of tests, including:

  • stator core loop magnetization
  • winding resistance
  • insulation resistance
  • static and dynamic impedance measurement
  • withstand overvoltage a.c. test
  • rotor mechanical balance and rotor overspeed

Running tests and special tests (e.g. bump test, partial discharge) can be performed on the assembled generator, if requested. All tests are performed in compliance with IEEE and IEC standards.

Flexible arrangement for Transportation

The overall dimensions of turbogenerators comply with rail transport limits.
Turbogenerators for gas turbines can be transported in assembled form, reducing shipping costs and simplifying on-site erection and alignment work. In special cases generators can be shipped only partially assembled for completion on site.

Recognised high skills and excellence in commissioning and after sales services

Ansaldo Energia offers a full range of services and qualified personnel for erection and/or supervision, startup and testing. The availability of standard arrangements, and in some cases packaged solutions, ensures rapid, problem-free erection and startup.
Ansaldo Energia Service Organization provides worldwide technical assistance in the fields of aintenance, spare part supply and preventive maintenance programs, ensuring that customers are in the best position to achieve optimum operation.
Ansaldo Energia Service Organization also provides Clients with in-house personnel training, supported by dedicated didactic materials.
Our comprehensive and reliable after-sales services are regularly reviewed to assimilate operating experience.
Diagnostic tools are available to monitor turbogenerator parameters and behavior continuously, in order to detect ageing trends and address maintenance activities.
Ansaldo Energia Power Plants are connected directly to the Ansaldo Energia Diagnostic Room, offering 24/7 remote diagnosis.
Moreover, thanks to Reverse Engineering capabilities, Ansaldo Energia can offer complete maintenance,  restoration and modification of non-proprietary, third party turbogenerators.


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