Services on Ansaldo Energia Technologies


The evolution of the power market has changed the structure of the electricity value chain which is now involving and heavily dependent upon several new factors such as efficiency constraints, production targets, operational flexibility, volatile fuel costs, competitive electricity prices and increasing environmental concern. As a Global OEM, Ansaldo Energia is very well aware of this scenario and has translated these market characteristics into a value proposition offering all the experience gained worldwide in decades of manufacturing, installation and service.


Servicing Ansaldo Energia OEM Fleet


Integrated player in the electricity value chain, Ansaldo Energia has been continuously updating its Service portfolio impacting on operations, maintenance, availability, reliability and reduction of emissions. Dedicated to its OEM fleet with more than 2,000 heavy duty gas turbines, steam turbines, turbogenerators and hydrogenerators, Ansaldo Energia OEM Service Portfolio helps its Clients achieve better competitiveness in such an open market. The comprehensiveness of the offered services, a flexible approach, an extensive practice in tailored service solutions and OEM qualified engineering talents are Ansaldo Energia Service prime strengths.


Preserve, Protect and Enhance: Innovation and R&D


The R&D efforts have produced many upgradings and improvements on the complete range of Ansaldo Energia OEM products: on availability, reliability and performance, in the field of new materials, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and diagnostic systems. Additionally, many of Ansaldo Energia’s innovative solutions are targeted at complying with and even exceeding the most stringent environmental constraints set by international and local regulations (e.g. new advanced burners and combustion chambers).


The OSP™ concept


As a global player in the Power Generation Industry, Ansaldo Energia is also enhancing its non-OEM service portfolio. A strong boost came by the acquisitions of Ansaldo Thomassen, Ansaldo ESG and the opening of new Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf workshop. Ansaldo Thomassen is a Dutch company providing services for GE heavy duty gas turbines; Ansaldo ESG is a Swiss provider of services and on-site repairs for generators and steam turbines. Thomassen Gulf workshop in Abu Dhabi offers in-house refurbishment of GE gas turbine buckets, hot gas path components and Ansaldo Energia/Siemens gas turbine rotating and stationary blades. Merging the Ansaldo Energia OEM know-how with these strengths (flexible approaches, swift structures and highly specialized competencies) allowed Ansaldo Energia to bring a new concept to the market, trademarked as OSP™, Original Service Provider. 



Power Producers owners of Ansaldo Energia OEM equipment, benefit from reliable, flexible Service Solutions that allow the most optimized asset management strategies, guarantee availability, prevent power plants from aging and deploy the latest upgrades and the most environmental friendly technologies.

Ansaldo Energia Service portfolio:

  • Long Term Service Agreements
  • Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic Center
  • Solutions
  • Field Service
  • Repairs
  • Spare Parts
  • Training
  • OspTM


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